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Thursday, June 18, 2020

One reason is enough to succeed

One reason is enough to succeed

It is the talk of 1938. Karoly Takacs was an army man of Hungary. He was the best pistol shooter of his country. He had won all the national shooting championships that took place in Hungary.

He was such a brilliant talent that everyone knew it for sure that in 1940 Olympics gold medal will be Karoly’s. He had worked for years to lift that title. He had only one dream that his hand should be the best shooting hand in the world. He actually made it but he was just 2 years away.

A military training camp was going on in 1938 and unfortunately a hand grenade exploded accidently in right hand, which he wanted to make the best.  He lost his hand. His dreams were shattered. His focus was lost. Everything looked dark and gloomy.

He had two ways either to weep for the rest of his life and live somewhere a simple unknown life or to hold the dream he had dreamed of.

He didn’t focused on what he didn’t have but he focused on what he has. What was he having now, his left hand. A hand with which he can’t even write. When he was discharged from the hospital he started training his left hand.

After a year of his training he came back in 1939. In the same year national pistol champion shooting were going on in hungry. When he went to the stadium other shooting players congratulated him and saluted his passion that despite having lost his hand he came to see the championship. This is the real sportsmanship, you came here to encourage us, they expressed.

No one actually knew that he was working on his left hand for one full year. He told them that he has not come to encourage them rather he has come to compete with them, to fight with them.

The championship started. Every other sportsperson there was competing with their best hand and he was competing with his only hand.

Who won? The man with the only hand- Karoly Takacs.

He didn’t stopped there, his focus was same, and his dream had not changed. He didn’t wanted to make his hand the best hand of his nation but the best hand of the world.

He put a total focus on 1940 Olympics. He was determined about his success. But this time 1940 Olympics were cancelled due to the World War II. Unfortunate!

He showed positive attitude and discipline, character of great people.

He shifted his focus on 1944 Olympics. And again it was cancelled due to the World War II. Really unfortunate!

If these things happen to some ordinary person, he would stop there terming his destiny a mere luck.

But this was Karoly Takacs, a man who fought for his destiny.

He again started to focus on 1948 Olympics . In 1938 he was 28 and in 1948 he was 38. For an old person it is more difficult to compete with the younger ones.

It was fortunate. This time Olympics were held. Best shooters from around the world were competing with their best hand and Karoly was competing with his only hand.

Guess who won? It was Karoly Takacs the man with just one hand.

He didn’t stopped there.

In 1952 Olympics he again competed and again emerged as the golden medalist.

Ask a loser he will give you a list of excuses why he failed and the winner will give you the only reason why he wanted to succeed.

When you are entering into the game of success make sure that you have to sacrifice anything which will take you to your goal. When you achieve that goal everything you sacrificed is worth it.

You may know many big names who have succeeded in life. If you try to read their life story you would come to know that once in their life they reach at the peak of their struggle and hardship. They decided to move ahead of that peak and that is how success becomes their destiny.

You may also fail in you first attempt or the conditions around you may not be favoring your life, but you have to show the character of great people. You have to shun any form of negativity, embrace to positive thoughts and determination to your goal. Success will be yours.

You want success, search for the reason that will prompt you to go it. Whenever you feel down remind that reason for which you want to succeed in your life.

Because, one reason is enough to succeed.


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