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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Big things start small

A teenager girl namely Jackln Jorgense gave birth to a baby boy on 12 January 1964.  After just one year she was divorced. When her child became 4 years old, she married a Cuban immigrant namely Mike Bezos.

Big things start small

The child was having extraordinary mind. In 1986 he completed his degree in computer and electrical engineering from Princeton University.

Due to his skill he got a job in a Mutual fund company in Wall Street. He worked efficiently and got promoted quickly to the post of Vice chairman in no time.

But this man had some other destiny. He was very curious at things. He saw internet usage was growing at an unprecedented rate of 2300% per year. So he saw an opportunity to leverage this thing to achieve big in life.

He thought to quit the job and start some online business. His mother was not ready for this and said him not to quit the job. His boss told him that it was good only if he was unemployed. But his wife supported him and said that there is no problem from her side.

After a lot of thought processing he arrived at the decision that he will follow his idea and try to execute it. He along with his wife left their job.

The couple went to some other place to start their new life. This man listed some 20 items on the piece of paper that he would sell through internet. Among these things he primarily choose books for his online store. Because he thought that it would be easy to sell books and it is the item that has high demand.

So he purchased his first domain name (name of the website) at the name of “”. After some time its name was placed at the name of the amazon river of South America and came to be known “”.

Even if today is opened on the internet, it is redirected to the

Without any promotion and advertisement of their online book store was able to sell books worth $20,000 in just 30 days. Within next few years amazon become the largest online bookstore of the world. Because this book store had very diverse categories of books which was difficult for someone to keep same at one place.

Big things start small

This man was appreciated for his work all around the world. But he had something else in his mind, something big. He wanted to bring everything, sold in the market, on amazon.

He started to bring some new items on amazon like clothes, electronics and toys.

He faced a lot of problems in this journey, but he stood firm and with his positive attitude defeated every problem he faced.

When amazon was expanding it was necessary for him to expand his fulfillment center too. But his workers faced a lot of difficulties in finding the right items to be delivered as the huge chunks of products laid unorganized in the fulfillment center.

He heard of the company namely “Kiva” that had developed robots which were able to move the racks of products and place them in an organised manner. This was an exciting news for the amazon’s fulfillment center.

Amazon brought the entire company of Kiva.

This man wanted to give customer a quality product that is delivered quickly and at affordable prices. In short he was he obsessed with the customer experience.

During meetings with the staff, he used to place a vacant chair in front of him believing a customer is sitting on the chair and is listening to and participating in the meeting. He wanted to give his customer the best.

Amazon continuously used to add new products to their list, some failed while many other dominated the market.

Amazon faced a lot of difficulties when it launched a new product which was camera. It was a smart camera which could be accessed remotely via mobile phone. A lot of people used it but the problem arose when it was hacked. The privacy of people was at stake, hackers and some employees of the amazon were spying on the customers.

Today the owner of amazon has grown to the extent that in 2020 it has the net worth of 15310 crore USD.

He went on to start his own company of space rockets like SpaceX and named it Blue Origin. The company remains successful in the development of reusable rockets.

This man is none other than Jeff Bezos.

No one had imagined that a simple book store would become one of the largest enterprise of the world.

Jeff Bezos once called in an interview that one thought of Thomas Edison is very close to him, which is-“Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. He believed that it is more important to implement and execute an idea than just having a mere idea.

How it should inspire you?

From this story that is based on the true life events of Jeff Bezos one should take a lesson and an inspiration for living his own life. Some of the takeaways from this success story are listed as;

  • One should be curious about the things happening around him. It will unearth a large number of ideas for him
  • You should listen to yourself carefully and follow your dream.
  • Everyone may have a novel idea, but success becomes the destiny of those who consistently try to implement them.
  • Initially people may not believe you, only when you give them good results they will follow you.
  • Your journey is not going to be smooth. You will face obstacles, difficult and tough times, which could only be faced by being disciplined and having positive attitude in life.
  • Finally, big things start small. To reach to the top of stair one has to start from its lowest step. There is no short cut to the success.

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