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Sunday, June 7, 2020

How to live with Pain and sorrow?

Everyone in this world has to deal with pain and sorrow at some point of time. Nobody on this planet of earth has born, who don’t face difficulties and hard times. No one’s life is entirely free from pain and sorrow. It is part of life, we live with.

How to live with Pain and sorrow

Then, isn’t it worth to learn how to live with pain comfortably, rather than avoiding it and complaining about it.

Most of the people seek advice's and try to find ways with which the pain and sorrow in life could be avoided. And there is no less availability of people who suggest such and such ways to avoid it. How we turn off our faces towards a thing which is part of our life? It is like asking a lazy person to switch off the light and he replies with, “let the eyes be closed”.

We need to understand this fact that most part of the pain is unnecessarily created by us. In reality it is much less then we see. It is self-created by us. Our mind tries to process the same problem again and again. The result is more pain and nothing else.

Why after all we feel pain and sorrow?

The most important reason that we feel pain is the non-acceptance of things and events of life. We show resistance to what is. This resistance is shown both at the emotional level as well as at the judgmental level. It means the intensity of pain is directly proportional to the degree of resistance given to the reality.

Why after all we feel pain and sorrow?

Another reason that is somehow linked with the above one is fear of things. We fear, not because things happened but think might happen. How silly it is that we live a present moment while our mind is worried about future. You can handle the present, how could you cope with something that is nothing but a mere projection of your mind.

How to lower your pain then?

So if you want to lower your pain, show less resistance to the things that happened to your life. Accept things as they are. Things will start working for you.

If you no longer want to create more pain for yourself, don’t escape from the present and never deny it. The more you accept to what is, the more you are free from pain. Say “yes” to life and see how you would feel amazingly different.

Appreciate what you have and others don’t. Don’t look at other people what they have, you don’t possess. You don’t know their life. You don’t know their reality. May be they had faced a lot more in the past you are facing now. May be the colorful faces you see are internally desolated.

Watch out your mind

Humans have been gifted with the most powerful asset by the nature-the mind. Its work is to think. It works round the clock and never stops. Even a person is at rest, his mind is subconsciously involved in diverse thoughts.

If you are able to control your mind your life would be able to face any obstacle of life. Because the pain and worry is created in the mind, it lies here. It has no concrete shape outside the mind. No matter what happens to your life, it is the mind that thinks over it and assess the situation.

If the mind starts overthinking over a same problem, it becomes worse. Be alert and break this loop of thinking. Think over the problem rationally why and how it happened, take good things from it and leave the bad.

You are the one!

Only you know the intensity of your pain, you know how it hurts. You know what triggers your sorrow. You know what demoralizes you and make you unhappy. And if there is anyone who could really take you out of this is you. Nobody can do it for you.

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