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Thursday, June 4, 2020

How to transform your stress into happiness with these 7 ways?

How to transform yous stress into happiness with these 7 ways?

In the present social media world stress has become a companion. People work less take stress more. No one is truly happy. The world is becoming more charming day by day but our inner world is becoming that much gloomy. We have forget to smile. It is said that, smile, because it is a charity. When you smile at something, it creates positive energy and a reason to be happy.

Remember one thing, no one is perfect in this world; why are you chasing at everything. Messing up of things create conflict in your mind and take your peace away.

Identify reason

Why are you stressful and worrying all the time? Have you ever thought over that? You can try to solve any problem if you understand it first. Is it possible that we can sort out the issue we don’t know about?

So the first thing you need to do, when you are in stress, is to take a pause and think about what made you sad. You may come up with no solid reason you should stress for. Because at times our mind tries to mingle too many things and we feel confused.

You don’t know why you are stressful, don’t worry. Here are the agents that might be the reasons of your stress. Figure out your one and cure yourself

Afraid of things

Are you afraid of certain things which make you to feel worry? You take stress because you are scared that things, you dream about, might not happen like your way. Work for that thing.

Be true and honest to yourself. Always try to give your best and try to get your that dream wish. Enjoy the process of work and internalise that. You should be thankful that you are making efforts to achieve something big. Don’t be afraid of result. Leave that to destiny. Because you can’t get everything you desire and that is a hard reality you have to accept to move on.

Cruel Past

You are stressful because you remember about your cruel past. Be present! It is well said that, yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.

Think what you can do today. Because it is the only thing you have now. You have this power of now at your disposal. Use it wisely to make your life better. Your past can’t control you until you voluntarily give up before it. Past has gone. It is now, the time to dress up and start fighting your own battle.

Comparison is thief

The other reason you are stressful is because you are always at making unnecessary comparisons. Comparison is the thief is joy. You compare your wealth & assets, fitness, life style, power and other such things with other people.

Comparisons sows the seeds of jealously in your heart and a jealous person can never be peaceful. He becomes the warehouse of stress, spreads it, wherever he moves.

Desires unlimited

Desires make you eager to grab more and more. Your desires become infinite and you become unstoppable. You are human but you behave like a machine. How could you then expect of a stress free life.

No matter how much you gather and how much you achieve, there would always be someone above you. So stop this!

Be content and grateful with what you have. Appreciate your life and what it has provided to you. If you did that, believe me you would become the richest person on this planet.

Being like someone

Don’t ever try to be like someone. You are a unique creature on this earth, be like yourself. You watch a movie or a serial and you start feeling to be like that actor in the movie. Next time you watch another and you start copying a new style. Or you try to copy life style of famous real world living people. This way you are moving away from your true self and give an invitation to stress.

Identify yourself, look for that unique thing which lies inside you. Work on that, scrub it and try to make it clear and more sharper every day.

Expectations kill

Don’t expect too much. There is a difference between a hope and an expectation. Hope gives you strength and a reason to live and smile. Expectations create frustration in mind. Don’t make your life mechanical in a way that only if ‘a’ and ‘b’ happens then I would be content.

You want things and people around you to change and behave like your way. Everything is being perfectly placed. Trying and expecting them to change for you will bring chaos in your life and relations.

Hope by the time you have reached to this point, you have understood why you take stress and how  to transform your stress into happiness with these 7 ways.

There are many such ways to relieve stress. What we want is to broaden your horizon of mind and perceive things for better.

How you transform your stress in happiness?

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