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Monday, June 15, 2020

Thinking - The hidden treasure within you

To become a person of extraordinary character your thoughts need to be extraordinary. Behind every big success you see in the world lies a thought. Since the early times till the present modern age, human development is the result of human thought. Human from the early days, in order to make his life more progressive, started thinking. It is the result of the thinking that incredible inventions and discoveries took place without which life wouldn’t have been like the way it is.


The power of the great men which makes them unique among others is their thought. Apples used to fall downwards from the apple tree but it was Newton who thought why they fall downwards not upwards? This unique thought lead to the discovery of gravity.

A thought doesn’t has its own existence, it is associated with the human being. However, it varies from person to person. A same thing is perceived differently by different minds, the difference lies in the different thought. Quality thinking is the character of quality personalities.

Every thought gives rise to a new reality. What you are today is because of your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your reality.  You become what you think you are. Anyone who can’t think of success and prosperity can’t achieve the same.

Thinking is like the flow of water which can make its way through tough rocks after continuously striking on them.  Likewise with a positive and smart thinking any difficulty and hardship in the life could be faced easily.

People want to change their life but are not ready to change their thinking. This is the main reason why only few people attain success in the life. We can’t choose our destiny but we can choose our thoughts which in turn help in attaining destiny.

If you want to improve your performance, no matter which field you belong, then improve your thinking. Think in a way that increases your skill, talent and productivity.

Before you perform any action you think of it, that is, thinking precedes action. When an action is perform repeatedly, it becomes a habit and when you get used to your habit, it gives rise to your character. Your character defines your destiny, so if you want to change your destiny you have to change your thinking first.

Better thought gives rise to better attitude and better attitude determines our altitude or level of our success. Make your thinking great to make your attitude great. Great attitude will make your journey to success easy.

Your present circumstances are because of your past thinking and your future is affected by your present thinking. If you want to live happily in the present and dream of a secure and successful future, think beautiful.

Everything is possible in life, if you think seriously about it. The tragedy is that people try to avoid failure even though they should think of success. In an attempt to success you may fail a number of times, learning from your mistakes and taking positive things out of your failure increases the possibility of success.

Ordinary people only think of living their lives, special ones think of making their and others lives better and prosperous. Life is not something to live only, you need to think about it every time to make it more and more better.

If you have never thought of making your life uniquely better before, now it is the time to start thinking. There is no restriction on thinking. Think beyond. Think what you have never thought of. You have the most amazing thing in your head-mind, use it and see your life changing.

While you think you should not be selfish in thinking. All your efforts and hard work should not be self-oriented. Thinking just of their body is the character of animals. Thinking about the others around you makes you human. It is up to you to which category you want to live with.

He, who thinks only of himself dies along with his death and those who live for others live forever.










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