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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Wealth can't give life to someone - Story

A king oppressed his subjects and amassed a large amount of treasure and hide it in a secret cave in a forest outside the city. The cave door had two keys, one with the king and the other with his minister. 

Wealth cannot give life to anyone

Except for these two, no one knew the cave. One morning the king went to the cave to look for the treasure and opened the door and entered.

The treasury was scattered like piles of rice and wheat in the rooms. Diamonds and jewels were adorned in the cupboards.

The king was very happy to see the treasure, but when he came, the king forgot to close the door of the cave. At that moment, the minister passed by the cave. The minister was surprised when he saw the door of the treasure open.

He thought that the door had been left open by mistake. With that thought, he closed the door from outside and when he reached the palace he forgot about it.

When the king finished inspecting the diamonds and jewels, he thought of returning, but when he reached the door he saw that it was locked.

The king knocked loudly on the door and shouted at the same time, but no one could hear him in this deserted forest.

He went back to his treasury and tried to entertain them, but being compelled by hunger and thirst he went to the door again, he started screaming and then exhausted he came back to the place. 

His hunger and thirst had increased so much that he finally started begging for diamonds: “O precious stone! Give me a one-time meal. ”It was as if the diamonds were laughing out loud at its simplicity. Precious pearls! Give me a glass of water.

He felt as if pearls and jewels were laughing at him. The king was very angry, but his hunger overcame his anger.

Eventually the hunger increased so much that he began to get tired. He wrote something on earth to send a message to the world. After that the king died.

As the minister passed by the cave in search of the king, he thought to find out some of the king's treasures. When he entered the cave, he saw that the king was dead and that it was written on the ground: Wealth can't give life to someone. "

Remember, wealth you are accumulating is not yours. You don't know when you are going to die. Because death keeps no calendar.

This does not mean that you should be poor without any wealth and assets. You should try hard to become rich through genuine means. But spend a part of it on poor, needy and welfare of people and nature.

Your wealth should not became a source of tension for you, else you should be thankful for whatever, life gives you.

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