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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Why are you unsuccessful?

Every year lakhs of candidates appear in various competitive exams for just few seats. It is certain that only few thousands or even few hundred people will get through. What happens to the rest? No matter how much these aspirants compete the result would be the same that majority will get rejected. So why to put pressure on yourself.

Why are you unsuccessful

There is no instrument, tool or a way that can predict your ability and declare you successful. Why then parents, guardians and even we put pressure on ourselves that we have to go only for this. People are following the crowd. Your parents want you to do only this, internally you also want yourself to do this.

We need to change this mind set. What is this mentality that if we get admission in some particular colleges, if we perform certain profession, if I pass certain exams and so on, only then we would be successful? If we didn’t we are unsuccessful. Only these are the career options in which our child can prosper in life. There is no other way.

This kind of mentality leads to stress and depression which leads to suicide. Because you think this is the only door to a successful life. Lakhs of people are trying to enter through that single door which has the capacity of only thousands. And how this is reflected by our society and by ourselves? Looser, what others say to us and we acknowledge.

Why are you unsuccessful

No one wants to be a loser in this world no matter to which age group and field he belongs. Where is the problem? It is in our thinking which says only few doors are there that will lead to success.

There are numerous people around you who are not from those colleges, who do not went for those career options and yet are very successful in their lives. Even the people who came out from these top collages and institutions work for them. You are witness to it. Aren’t you?

What should we do then and what is its permanent solution? If you are student, then listen to this very carefully. Let it to pass through your intern.

This is not such a big problem what you think of. If you want to do something great in your life then this is not the only option to become great. There are numerous better options around. Put a question mark on your thought which make you to think that this is the only best option. This is not. I challenge you, this is not.

When we can see other options better for us? Only when we remove our focus from that false door. You will see hundreds of ways that can lead you to a successful life.

Career does not make you happy, there are numerous. It is your thought that makes you great. Look for the people who did extra ordinary things, neglected by many, and become very successful.

If you have strength to study then study. If you have strength to do anything and you truly want that, then you should go for that. However, if you that you can’t do well in a particular field, if you can’t study or you can’t do a particular kind of job, then leave that. Why are you in race you know you are going to lose? This is insane and makes you so.

This is the main reason of dissatisfaction which leads to stress and you are not able to live your life to its full potential. You feel as if you are in prison from which only you can relieve yourself.

You try to follow a career what masses follow. You don’t follow your strength, your passion, a thing which can make you great. You don’t listen to yourself. You follow noise. Noise is random and expect of smoothness!

There are a lot of opportunities out there. Just look for them!

There are infinite number of doors which lead to success and you believe there are a few. If you open your mind you could find opportunities where there is very less or even zero competition. Go for that, it will be amazing.

Look around or search on internet how people got their success. There are people who were very weak in studies, some were thrown out of schools and some didn’t attended the school altogether. Yet those people evolved themselves into great minds and great personalities. Why are you worried then? Take it easy.

All there, please listen to yourself!!








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