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Sunday, July 12, 2020

5 plus special habits of effective performers

It is now common knowledge that people don’t need high IQ, be well-educated, and have secret hidden talents to perform well. Instead, successful people have some special habits which outnumber them from others.

5 plus special habits of effective performers

I listened to the experiences of many celebrities, sportsmen, professionals, and the below points are the 5 plus special habits effective performers have.

Performers Do What They Love

This is the first thing performers do. They choose a career for them, not career chooses them. They follow it and take every step of their life to achieve the goal. They work for it because they love it.

Ordinary people work because they have to. Work defines their schedule of life and other activities. They didn’t love their work, they enjoy it when they are at leisure.

When you do anything you love to, you enjoy your work and your life becomes special. Your productivity increases and your work becomes unique and special.

They take breaks

Performers snap every moment and joy of life. When they work, they work, their mind and body coincides with the task they are doing. They reserve slots in their daily schedule where they spend quality time with family and dear ones.

They also take breaks to invest some time in themselves. During off time, they act like they are not associated with any career, work, or profession. This liberates their mind for a while from the workload and they come on their work with more energy and enthusiasm.

Planning and Repetition

Before encountering any challenging situation, performers usually visualize and run through their future actions mentally. That is how they plan the execution of a project. For example, a stage speaker will visualize mentally and rehearse before getting on the stage during any speaking engagement.

Performers plan their goals before they start acting and when they act, restricting to the plan, they act like perfection. Planning of any work makes its execution more perfect and timely.

With planning performers perform their work iteratively to make it more original and everlasting.

Aspirants who target at some competitive exam perform numerous revisions, of what they learn, to get more clarity of ideas and their prolonged retention in memory.


 Calculated Risks

Performers do not stay in their comfort zone. They take chances. They are not immobilized by fear, and they can take risks because they carefully consider the pros and cons. As they say, you dive into the deep end anyway.

However, the chances are not taken blindly, but with intelligent and calculated guesswork. This way they outscore their competitors and their chances of success increase many folds.

 Working with full Potential

Self-limiting is the biggest obstacle to executing a project. Performers do not self-limit themselves nor will they allow anyone to. Many people are happy to set limits far below what they can achieve.

There was an old article that said physiology proved that humans cannot run a mile in less than four minutes. However, Roger Bannister in 1954 broke the four-minute barrier and the rest is history. Within two years ten other athletes broke his record. Performers tend to ignore such artificial barriers and hence achieve great results.

Performers with their full potential and try to give their 100% to their work. They don’t underestimate their true potential, nor should you!

They Compete With Themselves

Performers concentrate on bettering their performance than competing with others. Concentrating on your competitors’ abilities is self-defeating.

The biggest obstacle to your success is yourself. Your laziness, non-seriousness, negativity, and low motivation prevent you to go for something big in life. If you overcome yourself, success would be yours.

This is what performers do. Their focus is themselves selves and they see it as the only obstacle in the way of success. They overcome their laziness and start working. They neutralize negativity around them with a positive attitude.

Above all, high performers do not always work in isolation but are team players. They know that groups can solve problems better than an individual.

These are 5 plus special habits of effective performershey always set themselves a target, and also encourage others to do the same.



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